MICRAMED provides a range of microbiology services. If your specific needs are not listed here, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Laboratory Optimisation

MICRAMED can help improve your efficiency in the laboratory, from workflow optimisation to re-writing procedures and providing alternative ways of working to minimise costs.

Microbiology Activity Management

Particularly suited to small businesses – do you outsource your microbiology testing but have the need for some support to manage those microbiology activities? MICRAMED can provide the perfect solution, tailored to your requirements. We can ensure all your testing activities are conducted in line with requirements and interpret results, giving you peace of mind that nothing is missed even if results are within specification. 


Expertise in microbiology troubleshooting and investigations for a range of issues.

Technical Advice

Technical advice and guidance on a range of issues such as laboratory procedures, data review, trend analysis and more.

Industrial Microbiology

Generating protocols, providing test reports, summarising data for a wide range of industries and products including anti-microbial medical devices such as wound dressings or implants.

Sourcing a Contract Laboratory

Contract labs offer a range of tests but it can be difficult to decide which one to use if microbiology isn’t your background. MICRAMED has worked with both UK and US based contract laboratories and is well placed to source and liaise with the right one for you – from one-off pieces of work to ongoing quality control testing. This can include a pre-approval supplier audit if required.


MICRAMED can offer a range of training, tailored to your needs. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Interpreting Microbiology Data

If you contract out your testing you may not always really understand if you are asking for the right thing, or indeed if the laboratory is really giving you the data you need. MICRAMED can help you interpret the data you are getting along with providing some basic tools to help you understand results in the future.

Start-ups / SME

If you are a start-up / SME with a new antimicrobial technology, MICRAMED can provide technical support and guidance – to ensure you carry out the right testing and provide potential customers with the information they need from the start.

Poster Presentation and Articles

MICRAMED can offer preparation of posters for conferences or writing articles for submission.

Coaching and Mentoring

MICRAMED can provide microbiology mentoring and coaching on an as-needed basis, for companies who only have 1 or 2 microbiology technicians working within a wider analytical team, or even have no microbiologists in the company. 

Bespoke Services

MICRAMED can offer a range of other bespoke microbiology services such as project management, technical assessments as part of due diligence, regulatory reviews, sterilisation and grant applications (e.g. for InnovateUK funding competitions, where appropriate to our expertise). Contact us and we’ll be happy to help discuss your needs.